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Hawaii House Votes to Force Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions

All five pro-life pregnancy help organizations on the Hawaiian islands are the stroke of a pen away from being forced by law to advertise abortions, following a vote by Hawaii’s house of representatives Tuesday in Honolulu.

The One Question No One is Asking in the Pregnancy Center Witch Hunt

With ongoing legislation aimed at neutralizing life-affirming pregnancy centers marching through the legislative halls of both and California , abortion enthusiasts are smelling blood in the water. That much was made clear enough in an article published at the Los Angeles Times online edition Friday, “Going undercover at crisis pregnancy centers,” written by expert abortion apologist and religious conscience rights minimalist Robin Abcarian.


Trudeau Forces Canadians to Spend $650 Million on Abortions After Trump Defunds Intl Planned Parenthood

Using International Women’s Day as a prompt, Prime Minister Trudeau has just announced another $650,000,000 will be sent overseas to “address gaps in sexual and reproductive health.” “Today’s announcement, which comes on the heals of last week’s commitment of $20,000,000 to an International Abortion Fund is deeply concerning to both fiscal conservatives and social conservatives,” said WeNeedaLAW.ca spokesperson Mike Schouten.


Pro-Abortion Group Forced to Return Illegal Grant From Billionaire Activist George Soros

An Irish pro-abortion group returned $25,000 to American billionaire George Soros’s foundation recently after it was exposed as a violation of a rule about political donations. The Irish government’s Standards in Public Office began asking questions of pro-abortion groups last year after a leaked document from Soros’s Open Society Foundation revealed plans to push Ireland and other countries to legalize abortion, the Catholic News Agency reports.

Lena Dunham’s Show “Girls” Calls Unborn Baby a “Parasite Living Inside of You”

Lena Dunham’s Show “Girls” Calls Unborn Baby a “Parasite Living Inside of You”

It’s no secret that the creator of HBO’s Girls, Lena Dunham, is rabidly pro-abortion, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles on the show. So, the fact that the current storyline has Dunham’s character choosing life for her baby has been quite surprising, though I’m waiting for the moment where she decides she absolutely cannot be “burdened” by a baby and decides to have a late-term abortion.