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Sock Race Competition Announced!

You’ve heard about how we are going to #Sockit2PP, right? We are collecting 323,999 baby socks – one for each victim of abortion at the hands of Planned Parenthood last year – and delivering them to Congress in efforts to show lawmakers that we want no more taxpayer money going to the abortion…

Defund Planned Parenthood: #SockIt2PP

Join the nationwide campaign to send 323,999 baby socks to Congress, representing the 323,999 voiceless victims of Planned Parenthood in the last year … and calling upon our elected officials to defund the abortion chain!


Senate Confirms Pro-Life Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary as VP Mike Pence Casts Tiebreaking Vote

Vice President Mike Pence today cast the tie-breaking vote in the US Senate to confirm pro-life advocate Betsy DeVos as the education secretary. Republicans in the Senate previously defeated a Democrat filibuster of DeVos’ nomination and today pro-life Vice President Mike Pence was needed to break a 50-50 tie because pro-abortion Republicans sided with Democrats against her nomination.


About NAPN

NAPN unites nurses who seek excellence in nurturing for all, including the unborn, newborn, disabled, mentally and physically ill, the aged and the dying.

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