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ACLJ’s Walter Weber on the “Dismemberment Bill”

Ghoulish Abortion Practices Targeted in Maryland Legislative Hearings | American Center for Law and Justice

The ACLJ’s pro-life legal, policy, and government affairs teams continues to work with state legislatures around the country to craft common-sense pro-life legislation. In the last week, I was privileged to testify in the Maryland state capitol as a witness defending the constitutionality of bills banning late-term abortions and banning dismemberment abortions.


Has Judge Gorsuch Ever Said…

Who never said the following? “An unborn child has a right to life.” If you said Justice Roberts, you’re right!If you said Justice Alito, you’re right!If you said Justice Thomas, you’re right!If you said Justice Souter, you’re right!If you said Justice Kennedy, you’re right!If you said Justice Scalia, you’re right!If you said Justice O’Connor, you’re right!If you said Judge Gorsuch, you’re right!


The Real Victims of the War on Women

Abortion advocates crowd and jostle each other on the steps of the Supreme Court. Their shouts for equality, access, and women’s rights blend together in a restless wave of anger and frustration. Like pitchforks raised in the air, signs demand STOP THE SHAM and Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.


Parents Forced to Fight in Court to Prevent Doctors From Yanking Their Disabled Son’s Life Support

Eight weeks after Charlie Gard was born, his mother began noticing that something was not right. He was losing weight and growing weaker. Charlie later was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called mitochondrial depletion syndrome. Now, his London, England hospital wants the High Court in London to allow them to remove his life support, which would end his life, the Daily Mail reports.


Law & (Executive) Order

How great is the threat to religious liberty? Just ask Aaron and Melissa Klein. The parents of five were before the Oregon Court of Appeals today with their family’s livelihood on the line all for the right to live and work according to their faith.