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President Donald Trump Signs Bill to Overturn Obama Rule Forcing States to Fund Planned Parenthood

President Donald Trump signed into law today a bill to overturn a rule pro-abortion President Barack Obama put in place preventing states from defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The rule from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) prevented states from blocking Title X funding to abortion companies like Planned Parenthood.

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Republican Senator Refuses Hearing on Oklahoma Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

An Oklahoma bill that would prohibit abortions on unborn babies with Down syndrome and other special needs will not have a hearing after a state Republican refused to hear it in his committee. Oklahoma House Bill 1549, the “Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act of 2017,” passed the state House last month.

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Judge’s Ruling Makes North Dakota First to Ban Abortions Based on Down Syndrome

A judge’s ruling dismissing part of an abortion center’s lawsuit against a North Dakota law that bans abortions on disabled unborn children on the basis that they are disabled makes the state the first to have such a ban in place.