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Sock Race Competition Announced!

You’ve heard about how we are going to #Sockit2PP, right? We are collecting 323,999 baby socks – one for each victim of abortion at the hands of Planned Parenthood last year – and delivering them to Congress in efforts to show lawmakers that we want no more taxpayer money going to the abortion…

Defund Planned Parenthood: #SockIt2PP

Join the nationwide campaign to send 323,999 baby socks to Congress, representing the 323,999 voiceless victims of Planned Parenthood in the last year … and calling upon our elected officials to defund the abortion chain!


DAY 23: Sweet Southern charm

Not everyone likes 40 Days for Life, of course. But those who express their opposition often get unexpected reactions. There are reasons why 40 Days for Life succeeds: It’s peaceful It’s prayerful It’s joyful It’s loving And after a while,…

Dinner at the White House

Ted Cruz on Twitter

Our family had dinner w the President & First Lady, who were warm & gracious. Catherine brought Joe–her kindergarten class stuffed giraffe!

Like many pro-lifers, I had a hard time voting this last election because of the mandate to vote for a candidate who could beat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton. Although National Right to Life affirmed Ted Cruz as 100% pro-life, I found his voting record unacceptable because he consistently voted for bills resulting in “and then you can kill the baby“:

  1. Cruz Signed a Personhood Affirmation and Opposes Personhood Legislation.
  2. Follow These Regulations And Then You Can Kill the Baby.
  3. If the Father Is a Criminal, Then You Can Kill the Baby.
  4. Cruz Supported the Partial Birth Abortion Fiasco that Permitted Various Methods of Killing Late-Term Babies. 
  5. Let’s Defund Planned Parenthood Again.
  6. Get Parental Involvement, And Then You Can Kill The Baby.
  7. Require Waiting Periods, Hospital Admitting Privileges, Building Codes, and Ultrasounds: And Then You Can Kill the Baby.
  8. Thankfully Opposes Oral Abortifacients.
  9. Promises To Prosecute Planned Parenthood For Criminal Violations If Elected.

Because I couldn’t risk a vote on Ted Cruz with this voting record in mind, I decided to take a leap of faith and voted for Donald Trump based on popularity and his recently-reported conversion to Christianity. I had also heard that he had sound counsel via Dr. James Dobson. He also promised to defund Planned Parenthood because of abortion.

I hope that dinner conversation included the fact that despite pro-life endorsements, the American pro-life community is awaiting action because it is a matter of life and death. Senator Cruz is in a unique situation as a fellow competitor to remind President Trump that any law ending in “…and then you can kill the baby” is inhumane. Abortion is murder: Period!

Senator Cruz, I hope that you enjoyed your dinner at the White House. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20500 is not a permanent address. If President Trump doesn’t fulfill his campaign promises, perhaps you will have the opportunity to show us that you are 100% pro-life during the next four years. If we are still funding Planned Parenthood, God forbid, you will have my vote, then.

From Bump to Buddy: Couple’s Adorable Viral Video Shows Time Lapse of Pregnancy

From Bump to Buddy: Couple’s Adorable Viral Video Shows Time Lapse of Pregnancy

I first watched ” From Bump to Buzz” a while back and I’ve made it a habit to periodically view the time-lapse video again and again. It’s a delightful 3 minute, 9 second video released online by Tom Fletcher, the lead singer of the British band McFly that documented, virtually every day, the pregnancy of his wife, Giovanna that culminated in the birth of their son, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher.

Gorsuch Defends Hobby Lobby’s Pro-Life Values: “Sincerely-Held Religious Beliefs Cannot be Abridged by the Government”

Gorsuch Defends Hobby Lobby’s Pro-Life Values: “Sincerely-Held Religious Beliefs Cannot be Abridged by the Government”

Under tough questioning by pro-abortion Democrats during day two of his confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch defended the pro-life values of Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor. This was the second time Gorsuch defended Little Sisters and Hobby Lobby.