Euthanasia Activists Want to Euthanize Alzheimer’s Patients, Even Without Their Consent

Euthanasia Activists Want to Euthanize Alzheimer’s Patients, Even Without Their Consent

The culture of death is an aggressive virus. Its pushers are now moving to permit Alzheimer’s patients to be killed if the person so requested in writing before becoming incompetent. (That “if” won’t last long if such homicides become normalized.)

Canada Moves Closer to Euthanizing People With Alzheimer’s or Dementia

A high-profile murder case has sparked a debate about whether people who cannot consent can be killed ethically According to a survey conducted last week by the Université de Sherbrooke, in Quebec, 91 percent of the family caregivers surveyed would agree to extending euthanasia to terminally ill people who are incapable of decision-making, if there were “signs of distress and a written directive”.

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