In a Moment at the Cross, Jeff Hammett

As I gazed upon the cross,
You revealed Yourself complete,
While in the scorn of those You love,
You would not retreat.
That cross unveils the outstretched arms,
To all the earth and man,
For there the price was paid in full,
The sting of sins demand.
The cross cries out “The love of God!
Great joy of those who choose,
That time and distance were made naught,
To great a love to lose.”
Such cross enchants the lowly heart,
‘Tis hope for those who will,
Seek His face as a little child,
His heart is loving still.
The cross, the cross, the cross,
No lips can near explain,
Nor picture ever painted,
God’s love for man so plain.

‘Tis a feeble effort to touch the light,
To express that which He’s taught,
An undeserving heart of stone,
In a moment at the cross.

I wrote this poem many, many, many years ago. Of the few I’ve written, it might be my favorite. I don’t think anyone but a couple of family members has ever seen it… So, to one and all who read this, welcome to the family… Blessings…

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