Many women think emergency contraception can cause abortions. They’re right.

Many women think emergency contraception can cause abortions. They’re right.

One of the biggest claims made by advocates of emergency contraception – also known as the Morning After Pill, Ella, Plan B, and more – is that these pills do not cause an abortion. Supporters insist that the pills, no matter their brand, simply prevent a pregnancy from occurring in the first place.

Studies show all forms of emergency contraception cause abortion – Live Action News

Mainstream media and the anti-life movement cried foul when conscientious business owners refused to comply with the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, which requires employers to cover insurance plans that include all forms of contraception, including emergency contraception. Many of these entities have no problem with contraceptives at all, but they object to contraceptives that can …

40 quotes from medical experts that prove human life begins at fertilization

Here is a list of 40 quotes from medical experts and medical textbooks that prove human life begins at fertilization. “The life cycle of mammals begins when a sperm enters an egg.” Okada et al., A role for the elongator complex in zygotic paternal genome demethylation, NATURE 463:554 (Jan.

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Christine Hammett

Is a baby only real if he is wanted? Please, choose life! Chris Hammett is a pro-life blogger ( and 40 Days for Life participant joining millions in praying for an end to abortion and for Personhood from conception until natural death. She lives in Central Florida and has been married for 40+ years. Owen Osvaldo (O.O.) is their first grandchild. She previously worked as a graphic and web designer with Empower Creative Services LLC. She's a writer at Commonsense Constitutional Conservatives (Lanterns.Buzz).