Moloch’s in the “Amen Corner”

“Large areas of ‘the World’ will not hear us till we have publicly disowned much of our past. Why should they? We have shouted the name of Christ and enacted the service of Moloch.”- C.S. Lewis

* * *
Moloch’s in the “Amen Corner”
(Sitting next to me and you.)
He enjoys Progressive Sermons
In that comfy, cushioned pew.

* * *

“In the New Town, which the Romans called Carthage… the god who got things done bore the name of Moloch, who was perhaps identical with the other deity whom we know as Baal, the Lord. …..[T]he worshippers of Moloch were not gross or primitive. They were members of a mature and polished civilisation, ….These highly civilised people really met together to invoke the blessing of heaven on their empire by throwing hundreds of their infants into a large furnace.” – GK Chesterton

* * *

Beware those appeasing Moloch,
Pampered, polished, and refined,
Civilized and quite “religious”,
Connoisseurs of things divine.

Beware Deconstructing Divas,
Beware painted Jezebels…
Beware Easy Grace proclaimers,
And the Broad Way that they sell.

Beware Gnostic high-heeled scholars
Who sow Doubt alluringly…
Who entice with Gutter Nonsense,
And who tickle-eerily..

Beware popular concoctions,
Prophets sold on feeling good…
Doctors of Sophistication,
Strolling through your neighborhood.

Beware words that cause confusion,
Beware Scripture-twisting dreams…,
Beware Idol Peddle Pushers,
And their proud post-modern schemes.

Beware Baal-ish propagandas,
Beware Nicolaitan charms,
Beware masters of deception,
All street-walking arm-in-arm.

Beware Truth that’s “re-imagined”
Via wink and sultry word…
In the shadows Roe v Wading
Where the Light’s been dimly blurred.

Tom Graffagnino

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Christine Hammett

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