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Planned Parenthood “Lamborghini” Exec Haggles Again Over Baby Parts Prices

Planned Parenthood Doc Who Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Aborted Babies Caught Selling Baby Parts Again

Mary Gatter, the Planned Parenthood senior executive who infamously was caught on tape saying “I want a Lamborghini” while discussing and arranging the sale of body parts of aborted babies has been caught again.

He Survived an Abortion and Now Preaches the Gospel to Millions of People Around the World

He Survived an Abortion and Now Preaches the Gospel to Millions of People Around the World

Lincoln Bain almost lost his chance at life, not once but twice when both his mother and grandmother faced the temptation to abort. Bain is an abortion survivor. In January, the Bahamas talk show host, gospel singer and minister shared his story on YouTube to teach his viewers about how every baby has a purpose in life.


Here it is!

I have exciting news below about how you can instantly help DOUBLE the impact of our life-saving work! But first, last night’s FORWARD webcast revealed the many blessings God offered in response to your prayers during the most recent 40…


Hugging A Porcupine

He is ours. He was ours when he arrived in kindergarten thirteen years ago – precocious, curious, and bursting with spirit. His blue plaid shirt brought out the tint of his eyes and his bountiful smile brought joy to those around him. He was smart, impish, naturally clever, and full of promise.


Scientists Create Artificial Womb That Could Help Prematurely Born Babies

Scientists have created an “artificial womb” in the hopes of some day using the device to save babies born extremely prematurely. So far the device has only been tested on fetal lambs. A study published Tuesday involving eight animals found the device appears effective at enabling very premature fetuses to develop normally for about a month.