Perez Hilton Says Kylie Jenner Should Kill Her Baby in an Abortion

Perez Hilton Says Kylie Jenner Should Kill Her Baby in an Abortion

What Perez Hilton did to Kylie Jenner and her unborn baby over the weekend serves as a strong example of just how often women are pressured to abort their unborn babies. Hilton, a celebrity blogger, said he would have urged the 20-year-old reality show star to abort her unborn baby if she was his daughter, the International Business Times reports.

Forced Abortions Make a Mockery of “Pro-Choice” on Abortion

It is not unusual for men to try to coerce their partners into having an unwanted abortion. In fact, according to the Elliot Institute, which deals with post-abortive women, 64% of women who have abortions claim that they were pressured by other people (usually their partners) into having them.


Christine Hammett

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