Supreme Court refuses to strike down Arkansas abortion law

Supreme Court allows Arkansas medication abortion law to stand

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to an Arkansas abortion law mandating admitting privileges for any abortionists who commit medication abortions. After the law was passed in 2015, Planned Parenthood quickly sued, calling the law unconstitutional and medically unnecessary, even though the law merely complies with FDA standards.

Supreme Court Rejects Planned Parenthood Challenge to Arkansas Pro-Life Law That Could Close Two Abortion Clinics

The pro-life movement received a victory today as the Supreme Court rejected a Planned Parenthood legal challenge to an Arkansas pro-life law that could close two abortion clinics. The Arkansas law is similar to a Texas law that the Supreme Court previously struck down that requires abortion clinics to protect the health of women and unborn children.

Watch: 911 Records Show Carhart Abortion Patient Hemorrhaged Half Her Blood Volume

By Cheryl Sullenger Bellevue, NE – Operation Rescue has obtained the 911 audio recording and Computer Aided Dispatch printout related to a medical emergency that took place on May 4, 2018, at LeRoy Carhart’s Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska (AACCON) located in Bellevue, Nebraska.

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Christine Hammett

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